What I Need to Make Money – Smartphones

What I Need to Make Money – Smartphones is the first segment in the What I Need to Make Money listing series where we cover the essential hardware/devices you will need to take part in the opportunities I will be presenting to you here.

There will be many apps that I will share on this website that I don’t necessarily recommend putting on your main phone. Not that nothing is buggy or anything with them but just as a precaution. Some apps ask for certain permissions to your phone like to see your contacts and photos and I’m not completely comfortable with that for every app. Because of this I often buy phones that are inexpensive and use them primarily for making money and downloading apps.

Where to get phones:

Starting out you should be able to use the phone you are currently using and if you hold on to your old phones they will come in handy as well.

Some things may prevent you from using your current phone such as:

  • space issues
  • having a phone issued by your job
  • not wanting to risk your personal information being viewed or lost
  • having a phone that is not compatible with the opportunity you want to take advantage of

Zte Paragon phonesIn this case hopefully you have an old phone lying around or a tablet. If you don’t you can ask others in your family or some of your friends if they have old phones they no longer use. This is just to start. Depending on the opportunities you take part of you may need multiple phones. Don’t worry you won’t be breaking the bank if you know which phones to buy and know how to find deals on them. I purchased 4 phones at once and only paid $20 total from Best Buy. This was perfect for what I needed them for and it was a great deal I couldn’t pass up.

To the right is 3 of the 4 phones but they are no longer on that sale. However, you can still get them pretty cheap from eBay. Click the picture to see their current prices on eBay.

You can find inexpensive smartphones at convenience stores and drugstores very often. You will want to make sure ahead of time that these phones are compatible with the opportunity you are trying to do. Although less common, the big name stores have a great deal on some of their smartphones. I got some nice waterproof phones from a clearance at Target and the phones only cost $10. They were used as an outside surveillance camera and mp3 player to bring into the shower with me. I would sometimes put it over the sink while I was washing dishes just to dare it to fall into water. I love utilizing as many features as possible on different phones 🙂

You can also hop on eBay and Amazon to find used phones. This is especially good for phones that have more up-to-date technology, faster processors (the phones you are more familiar with like Samsung and iPhones) and for phones you only need making money for you. You get a high quality phone at a discounted price. These phones can sometimes come with cosmetic damage but it won’t matter because you only need the engine in it so to speak. It doesn’t need to be pretty; it only has to make money.

Space Issues

With some very inexpensive phones you get, such as the 4 phones I bought at once as I mentioned above, memory space is often limited. Base level phones often only have 1GB to 8GB if you’re lucky. The good thing is that these phones are so inexpensive that you can buy some SD cards to mitigate the memory issues if that’s indeed a problem for you.

SD Cards

You won’t need much space on a SD card unless you want to save a ton of pictures. I aim for 8GB SD Cards from SanDisk because I just trust this company. Also, I buy the 2-pack because it offers a savings and I always need SD cards. I use SD cards for my regular phone, my tablets, my children’s phones and for phones I make money with. Because I have so many uses for them I always seek out the best deals and prices that won’t break the bank. I recommend buying them from Amazon because if you take part of the opportunities I present to you on this website then you will start accumulating free Amazon money so you won’t have to dip into your savings 🙂

Price Range

The phones you buy will be based on what you’re able to, willing to and comfortable spending on. We all have different income levels and some of you are more conservative shoppers while others are able to splurge. It doesn’t matter which category you fall into because almost everyone can find something that suits their pockets.

If you buy a more hardy phone such as the iPhone 5s, Samsung S4 or other well-known phones you will be able to get top performance and a long-lasting phone if you take care of it. It will be more paid upfront but you will get a return on your investment and not have to replace the phone so often. You will also be able to take part in most opportunities to make money online because your phone is still a nearly new model. Also, if you buy tablets, that will cost a little more than some phones. So the price range can go from $0 – $200 and more if you want something specific. I personally at this moment stay around the $0 – $60 range. You can get great used and new phones at this price range if you’re vigilant.


I’d say aim for the most inexpensive phone you can find until you are comfortable making money from your phone. I’d hate for you to spend $80 on a phone that you decided to not use anymore. Start low to see if it’s something you want to do then add on and upgrade if you find yourself making a few hundred dollars a month.


You want a phone that is not too far away from the most recent Android Software or iPhone update. As of the time of this post I’m using phones and tablets that are running, Android, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and my iPad Air is running the latest update which is 10…something.

A dual core processor is nice… a quad core is even better. Something you can root is also a nice feature although I have not rooted anything yet as of this post, but will be trying soon hopefully. You just need a phone that minimally meets the requirements of the app you’re utilizing. I will post about phones that are known to work with most of the opportunities I’ll be sharing with you here.

All you have to do is get started. It can be with your current phone, and old phone, a $5 phone, $20 phone….anything. Once you understand how to work it the best way for you then you want to scale your money making by buying more phones and have them doing the same thing. So say you make $10 a month with one phone. You buy 9 more phones at $5 each for a total of $45. You have 10 phones making $10 a month. On the first month of your new purchase you brought in $100 minus the $45 plus tax you spent = around $55 profit. Then the months to follow you are making pure profit. This example takes a little longer if you buy phones that are more expensive but you can easily change these numbers and still profit. It’s a really simple way to make money and I will be covering how to do it and what apps to use and how to make it automated in future posts.

That’s all I have for this installment of What I Need to Make Money – Smartphones.

Be sure to bookmark this website, share with your friends and family and check back often as I share how to make Money From The Couch 🙂


As always any questions or comments, talk with me below 🙂

4 Comments on “What I Need to Make Money – Smartphones”

  1. Hi there, this a clever way to make money online. I have heard some people recommending to use your smartphone to download apps but I have not seen a complete guide before.

    I would like to see your updates and the apps that you will share.

    I have one question, how much time is needed to earn a part time income?

    1. Hi Ilias!

      I think you will definitely like the updates I’ll be posting towards this topic because I will be going in depth. I believe this is something many people would take advantage of if they knew how simple it was. The time required will be based on how many phones a person has, what kind of apps they are using, their internet speed and if they set up an automatic system which I highly recommend. Without a system it will take more time and require you to check in on each individual phone. I will be sharing how to set up a system so you can actually go about your regular day as normal with just a few check ins to make sure everything is running ok.
      This is a very passive way of making money and one of my favorites because it doesn’t require much time at all. I used to have my system running at night while I slept just to give you an example how hands free this can be 😉

  2. Hey interesting post! A smart phone is definitely an investment everyone should consider. I have tonnes of apps that benefit me such as spending tracker that helps me financially and chains.cc which allows me to keep track and momentum of my habits. My question is so how will we be making money off our phone?

    1. Hi Kourtney,
      Those are some cool apps you mentioned. I also used an app for habits in the past and it was very helpful!
      To answer your question you will be downloading apps that pay you for doing certain tasks. A few that I have mentioned on this website so far are Shopkick and Swagbucks. Swagbucks can be done from their website and from apps. It’s best to do both. You can also make money to spend in the Google Play store by answering brief surveys from Google Opinion Rewards. I have many more apps to cover so you can pick and choose the ones that you’re interested in. I just wanted to cover how and where to get phones in this post before we get knee deep in this 🙂

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