Shopkick Review-Making Money From Your Phone

Shopkick the Review

What is Shopkick?

In this Shopkick Review you will see how easy it is to make money from your phone while shopping. Sounds a little unusual? It may be but it’s also very real and very possible for you to do just as I have.

Shopkick is a mobile shopping app available on Android and iPhone. I have personal use with it on an Android phone and it’s effortless and quite fun, especially when I’m able to get free money from something I love to do.

You earn their reward points which are called Kicks when you walk into participating stores (Bluetooth and the app has to be on), when you scan items that are shown to give Kicks, when you buy products from a store with a linked credit or debit card, when scanning your receipts, when watching videos, for inviting friends and browsing content on their app.

What Rewards are Offered

While there is no direct way to cash out for pure money to pay your bills, you can get a wide range of gift cards which will help you reduce your shopping bill or get you an extra gift that you didn’t have room in your budget for. They have a few ways to donate your points to a charitable cause and you can get a vehicle if you harness enough Kicks.

You select a reward you want to save your Kicks up for (you can change it anytime) and you start using the app as often as possible.

Shopkick Rewards Gift CardsMy personal favorite Gift Card I’ve always cashed out for is Target, but there are more such as:

  • Walmart
  • Starbucks
  • Old Navy
  • Best Buy
  • GameStop
  • Lowes
  • Fandango
  • Foot Locker and more!


Point Value and Redemption

250 Kicks are worth $1. Kicks have a six month expiration according to their terms. Once your account goes inactive for more than six months they can wipe out all your Kicks at their discretion. I have never lost any Kicks with this app although I didn’t use it in months, but it’s always safer to redeem as often as possible.

You can cash out for some rewards as soon as you accumulate 500 Kicks which is only $2! Many programs won’t let  you cash out until you reach about $20. You do not have to be using the app for months before you actually can redeem for an award. To make it even more sweet redemption is instantaneous since they give rewards in the form of eGiftCards. I actually redeemed for a $10 eGiftCard to Target while I was in Target at the checkout. The cashier scanned the barcode that showed up on the screen and I had a $10 discount right there!

You also can save your Target eGiftCard to your online Target account, use it online at Target Checkout or print it to use in store. I only have experience with Target rewards because that’s my favorite store but when you redeem for whatever eGiftCard you want, you will be able to see your different options for your eGiftCard.

How to use in Store

So when you pull up to your store of choice, tap the Shopkick app to activate it. Make sure your Bluetooth is on. Walk into the store and give it a chance to register that you’re in the doorway (It will make a noise and ask you to collect your Kicks. From there you can view what items are available in that store to scan for points. To me this is quite fun and worth it but if you’re in a rush you probably won’t enjoy this little scavenger hunt. I usually bring my kids with me and they want to find the items before I do and they ask to hold my phone so they can scan. The points really do add up fast.


Link Your Credit or Debit Card


Shopkick points for shopping at Carters

how to link your card to Shopkick appThere also is an option to link your credit or debit card to the app and  when you shop with certain stores (mostly in store although I’ve seen a few online shopping options) you get a certain amount of Kicks per $ spent. I never used this function since Target is not one of the stores that offer that capability, but this is another great way to get your Kicks up fast if you were planning on shopping at the participating store .


The image to the left shows that you would get 50 Kicks from walking into the store and 3 Kicks per $1 spent when using a linked card.


info on Kicks to dollar ratio with Carter's storeAn added plus, when you meet certain spend thresholds you get bonus kicks. In this example to the right, when you shop at a Carter’s store you get 3 Kicks per $1 and if you spend $45 you get an extra 100 Kicks!

Have you every had an app that made you feel good about spending money?


Extra Features

Receipt Scanning:

I’ve had this app for quite some time but I haven’t used it in a while (well today I did) and I see now there is the ability to scan your receipts for more Kicks. The kids and I just went shopping three days ago and my son grabbed some Hormel Turkey Chili for himself and I just so happen to see that product is giving Kicks for scanning the barcode and Kicks for scanning the receipt. I got the can from the cabinet and scanned the barcode and got 10 Kicks and now I will scan the receipt to get more Kicks! They are basically giving money away for free.

Shopping List:

As you browse the app there are products you can view and buy straight from your phone. So please only have your credit card out if you are disciplined enough to not buy everything you see. Shopkick is really great at making everything look visually appealing, so appealing that you can mobile window shop for hours. As you browse and see offers you like you can hit the plus sign next to the item and it goes into your shopping list, so you can plan out how much Kicks you’re going to earn on your next shopping trip. It’s a really nice feature that keeps everything in order, which is a plus for me.

Referral Program:

Another way to earn free money with Shopkick is by referring your friends. If your friend signs up and walks in to a store or scan an item within seven days of signing up then you will get 250 Kicks. At this time you are only awarded for up to 100 friends. It’s always great to find a money making app that also has a referral program. The more ways to make money the better. However, I have been able to cash out  a few times and I have had no referrals. So if you don’t have anyone to refer that’s no problem. The referral program is just a bonus.

I’m sure I can go on and on because I really love this app but I think I have given you enough of my opinion for you to make an informed decision. Go on and click the button below to see for yourself!


Sign Up Here for Shopkick


Leave a comment below and let me know what reward you’ll be saving up for.

4 Comments on “Shopkick Review-Making Money From Your Phone”

  1. Hi Leda
    Shopkick seems like a method to make a day in the malls fun, while helping a little to pay the way.

    So shopkick pays for scanning items you don’t purchase as well as items you do purchase?

    I like the idea of sending out kids to look for the tags to scan. Spread out, and look close!

    Thanks for this Shopkick review, I liked it.

    1. Hi Mike,

      Yes you are correct, you don’t even have to buy the item to get the points for scanning the barcode. They really are interested in introducing you to products and getting it in your hand. There are products we walk past everyday in the store and don’t take notice of. It might be something we like or need, so this app educates you on new products that you might breeze by.

      When I send the little ones on their scavenger hunt they completely forget to ask for those other items they always need once they see it. You know, the two bags of chips, the juice boxes and two packs of cookies 😉

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Very interesting option. I am one who does not enjoy shopping very much. This could be an added incentive to get me out the door into the mall! Thanks for the information. Good points on getting the kids involved that in itself could be the best selling feature for the app!

    1. Hi Cynthia!
      This app definitely adds another dimension to shopping for me and the kids and to get free money on top of it is just amazing. Let me know if you give it a try and thanks for your comment 🙂

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