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What is Swagbucks?

Now that you found my review on Swagbucks, let me tell you a little about it. Swagbucks is another website I have made money with online and it has evolved into a site that offers so many more opportunities to make money with than what they started. At first glance it may seem that you’re only able to make a few Swagbucks here and there but don’t be fooled. Many sites like this that pay you for completing certain tasks have ways to go about accruing a lot of points. If you don’t have a resource which tells you the best ways to earn money from this site, then it will be a waste of your time unless you figure out a method yourself.

When I first started with Swagbucks many years ago they were practically throwing money at us to buy our trust I guess, but with time came changes. Swagbucks has been around so long now that they no longer have to buy people’s trust. Most people know now you can make money with Swagbucks so it’s no longer the free for all it used to be. However,


If you are new to making money online or have not been successful with it, then what may be missing for you is community. You need to link with a group of people or person that has been doing it successfully so that you can learn the ins and outs and procedures. Lucky for you, you have found this website and I know of such resources to help you out.



Who is it For?

I’d recommend Swagbucks for anyone who needs some extra cash and has time on their hands. It’s not a site you can do exclusively, but it’s a nice one to do alongside other programs.

I definitely recommend this for kids age 13 and older especially because they are not of legal age to work outside the home, but they can still earn money and more importantly get used to the idea of making money online. The earlier you get kids involved in making their own money the earlier an entrepreneurial mindset takes place.

This is also great for people like me who shop using coupons, or shop online.

Anyone that has kids in their life and know about the huge Amazon Toy Sale that happens every year, knows having 20 Amazon gift cards saved up from Swagbucks can come in handy to cut down costs 🙂

I would not recommend Swagbucks to people who are retired and/or seniors because there is such a learning curve to this site and too many distractions that your efforts won’t be rewarded efficiently. However, if you are retired and have a blog with traffic and / or social media accounts with a lot of followers, perhaps younger followers, then I’d recommend taking advantage of Swagbucks’ referral program. But that is just my opinion.

If you look at this site and like it then go for it. I just put that disclaimer out there because I would not give this site to my mom because she has used (I hate saying wasted) enough time in her life on things that take too much work. Our retired population are usually targeted for scams and I’m sensitive to that and I try to offer things that are more straightforward for our wise loved ones.


What Rewards are Offered

So gift cards are the main way you cash-out here and there are no shortage of options.

The Main Ones are there like:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • PayPal
  • Applebee’s
  • Kohl’s
  • Home Depot, etc

You really have to check it out to see because they almost have something there for everyone.

Free Gift Cards at Swagbucks

Point Value and Redemption

This is pretty straight forward. 100 Swagbucks equal $1, so that means each Swagbuck is a penny. You can easily track your efforts and decide which tasks are worth doing. The Swagbucks you accumulate are on a 2-year life cycle. If you don’t redeem points that you’ve accrued in over 2 years, Swagbucks can expire your points and you will lose that money. So make sure you redeem before taking a 2-year break. Also, if you’re gone for more than a year they can deem your account inactive and close it. After which I think you can get it restored if you contact their support team.
Great news is this doesn’t take long to cash out at all. You can cash out for a gift card as low as $3 or 300 Swagbucks. They have a $3 eBay gift card right now that you can redeem for 276 Swagbucks. There are usually discounts however if you hold onto your points until you can cash out for a $25 gift card, instead of it costing 2500 Swagbucks it might only cost 2200 Swagbucks. That’s a 12% discount; A SAVINGS ON YOUR FREE MONEY!

Different Ways to Earn Swagbucks

  • Using their search engine
  • Taking polls and surveys
  • Using them as a shopping portal
  • Printing and Using Coupons
  • Playing games
  • Filling out Forms/Completing Offers
  • Watching Videos
  • Referring New Users
  • Playing Games
  • Entering Swagcodes
  • Mobile Apps


Features I Like

I have cashed out quite a bit with Swagbucks over the years and had to adjust as they evolved. My favorite features to use are watching videos on the mobile apps and some on the Laptop. I get to play a stream of videos while doing somethings else. (Multitasking is very critical with making money online). I love the coupon printing feature, because at my grocery store we get $0.10 off per gallon of gas for every 10 coupons we use. And Swagbucks gives you 10 Swagbucks for every coupon redeemed. So I end up making a 100 Swagbucks ($1) and getting $0.10 off per gallon per 10 coupons I use. That’s a winning recipe for me.

I also do their surveys but I just want to issue a warning that you could be a lot more successful with other survey sites, such as E-Poll ( click here to head over to my review) but I have been able to make a few dollars a day in surveys here. I’m able to look and see which ones make sense pay wise, and I take a chance. Their surveys were even enjoyable, which made the monetary reward just something extra. So partake but don’t make it your whole earning strategy.

And now that I have a website I am finally participating in their referral program. For each person you refer you get $5! On top of that you will get 10% of whatever Swagbucks your referrals earn for LIFE!! This is one of the things that make Swagbucks great to join and one of the reasons you need to add this to your portfolio of websites you make money with online. I have cashed out many times on my own without referrals so don’t be turned off if you don’t think you can refer anyone. However, don’t be like me and wait years to start referring people. Don’t leave any easy money on the table.

If you enjoyed this review on Swagbucks and want to sign up, please make sure to click the sign up button below and start making some easy money from the couch 🙂



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  1. I have check out swagbuck and its a cool platform to gain points but I need the insider information to help me get more points on the regular. Thank you for your site information it is very informative

    1. Hi Frankie!
      Yes it’s a pretty cool platform. If you have trouble finding out a way to make more points make sure to come back. I’m putting together some information that I’ll distribute in this or a future post. Thanks for your comment and hope to talk to you again soon 🙂

    1. Hi Barbara!
      Thanks so much!! I’ll be posting more updates on Swagbucks in the near future to explain how I make Swagbucks quickly. Stay tuned 🙂

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