Making Money from a Website

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Are you making money from a website?

If not you should be and not just from one website….MANY!!

This is the biggest way to make extra money from home  because there are thousands of opportunities to explore.

When I first started stumbling upon ways to make money from home in 2008, getting paid from apps was not even an option if I remember correctly. Phones were not as sophisticated (at least mines wasn’t) as they are now. So the web had a huge head start and advantage. laptop with google search page

Websites have come a long way in the technology required to allow end users a way to make profit from their activities.

You can get paid for doing the things you normally do on a computer and I will show you exactly how on this site.

Making money from websites are usually carried out on computers, although because of better processors in phones these days, some can be carried out on mobile browsers on your phones and tablets.

Because there are so many opportunities on the web there is also a higher chance of you being scammed if you don’t know what to look for. And in addition to scams there are websites that pay you in fractions of pennies to do things that will make it near impossible to cash out.

I had experience with companies like these so I learned how to sift through the pile to find opportunities that are worth my time.

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Do you have the time?

Since we don’t tend to think about how we spend the time in our day down to every hour, you may think you don’t.

But you do if you:

  • Watch TV
  • Shop online
  • Read emails
  • Visit social media sites
  • Take classes online
  • Write papers for school
  • Are unemployed
  • Use a computer for fun, etc

I draw the line at dinner time because family and food deserves special attention.

Outside of that I try to utilize the majority of my leisure hours making money or researching ways to make money.

There are so many honest ways to make money from home that it’s really unfortunate that some people try to scam others.

However, I am here to help get you started on a safe path. I will try to cover as many fields as possible so that you will have a nice selection to pick from and rest assured that what I show you here may only be the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities may be endless.


Have you or anyone you know ever fell victim to a make money from home scam online? Do you fear that you will fall victim to an online scam?

Share your stories with us in the comments.




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