How to Organize Emails

how to organize email

Now that you have been signing up with some programs let me show you how to organize emails. In the first part of this series on getting organized I had you create yourself a brand new email address that will be used strictly for the purposes of signing up with and keeping track of all the new sites you sign up for. Now we’ll be covering creating folders for these emails you’ll start receiving.

Creating Folders

If you’re just beginning to make money online and from your phones then you want to diversify your options. You can make money taking surveys in your spare time; you can make money from shopping and many other things. The best way to optimize this process is by signing up with multiple different programs. This is how I did it and it’s how you should as well because you can never depend on any one program to produce all the money you will need or want. I have been a part of survey companies that no longer exist. What if that was the only company I was signed up with? I’d be making no more money. So the goal here is to sign up with many companies and programs that are relevant and beneficial to you.
Creating different folders in your email address can help you sift and sort through programs without getting overwhelmed by seeing 50 new emails a day. It will be very messy if you have every program funneling into your default inbox. You might miss an important email you were waiting on from a time sensitive program. You may have a program that offers very great incentives but only contacts you once a month and that email could be lost in the sea of other emails you receive. So in order to prevent these mishaps and to keep everything streamlined, we will be creating folders to keep everything organized.

Step 1:

creating labels in gmail


Step 2:

create new label gmail

Step 3:

enter name of label


Step 4:

Gmail folder created

Organizing Email Folders

One thing I have learned while learning how to make money online is you have to tailor things to fit your situation. I will give some examples of how to make folders but you ultimately will have to decide what will work best for you. Don’t feel restricted to my suggestions, I’m just giving examples of how it can be done. You are creative and possibly even more than me. You may know a better way to do it than what I present so trust yourself if you get an urge to freestyle your own organizational structure.

Option 1: Create a Folder for Each Company

So let’s say you sign up for Swagbucks, in this case you would create a new folder labeled Swagbucks. Every email you get from Swagbucks you will want to put in here. And you will repeat this process for every program you sign up with.

Option 2: Create a Folder for Each Type of Company (Categories/Groups)

You will sign up with survey companies and various apps that pay for certain actions so why not create folders that represent the various categories you’re signed up with? For example, you signed up with E-Poll and other survey sites so the folder you create will be labeled surveys. Then you can label another folder Shopping Apps and put Shopkick emails in there, etc. This option depends on you creating a category name that works for the types of programs you sign up with.

Option 3: Hybrid

This is the option I currently use and it’s a mixture of both options listed above. Why I like this option is because there are certain programs which I don’t respond to their emails immediately and it’s fine because they either offer a lot of opportunities or they have a long time before the opportunity will be expired. I have many survey sites that fall into this category so I put them all in a folder labeled Surveys. Now there are other survey sites such as E-Poll that only send a few emails a month that I always qualify for so this survey site I treat as a priority and it has its very own folder that I labeled E-Poll so I don’t miss out on that limited opportunity. That’s how I do it, but you should play around with the different methods and create your own that suits your needs.

Additional Folders To Consider

Things to Keep: I use this folder to hold things like Welcome Emails, Password Reminders, Passwords, Important Information, Terms of Use and or Privacy Policies etc. Again you can name this folder whatever you want or omit it all together, but I find there are times when I forget important information and I usually find what I’m looking for here instead of having to search through my inbox.


Payments Received: This folder can hold emails that say you’ve cashed out and will be receiving your reward, or it can be notifications that you have been paid already. This is great because you have a folder to go to that shows how successful you are and that you are actually making money from your own free time. If you make an Excel or any other kind of spreadsheet, you can come to this folder to get data to input into your tables and you will have income and dates all in one convenient folder. You can also further customize this by making a “Payments Received” folder from each Individual company, category, or however you feel is best for you.
Quick Access: This is kind of like a temporary folder (meaning it’s not meant to store emails for long term). I use this folder for things I need within a week or two. Say there’s a promotion going on with one of your programs where they give you a coupon to redeem in two weeks that will give you extra points. You’re not ready to redeem it now but you will look at it later. I put those kinds of emails here so I go straight to those emails that need attention. Often times I forget of certain promotions because I have so many emails and the only thing I may remember is that something will be over in a week. When I come to this folder, I discover what it is that I will have to take action on soon.


Surveys Completed: This is an optional one but I feel like it’s worth mentioning. Some survey sites award you your points in a few weeks. By that time I forget what surveys I took, what points I’m supposed to be getting, from what program etc. Emails that invite you to participate in surveys often have a special number associated with that particular survey. If anything goes wrong and you need to contact support to get something resolved you will need the information in that email so their customer support can help you. So for many of my survey sites once I complete a survey I will put the email from that survey in this folder. In a few weeks or so I check my survey programs to see if points were awarded and if so then I delete the email. If not I wait a little longer and prepare to contact customer support to see what’s the hold up.


There you have it everyone. That’s all it takes to start making your inbox a place of organized bliss. The next part of this series will cover having emails automatically going into designated folders. Be sure to check it out.
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