How to Get Paid for Taking Surveys with E-Poll

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It can be challenging to find legit surveys online but I can show you how to get paid for taking surveys with E-Poll.

I’ve been with this survey company since 2008 and I’ve never had any problems with them. I’ve seen many survey sites come and go and this company has never wavered. It’s one of my favorite survey sites.


One truth about survey sites is that often it will take you time to reach the cash-out threshold (the amount of points you must reach before you cash out). This holds true with E-Poll. E-Poll sends a few surveys to your email every month and they’re worth various points which you can cash out for great rewards such as:

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  • Amazon Gift Codes
  • Best Buy Gift Codes
  • iTunes Gift Codes
  • PayPal Deposits
  • GameStop Gift Codes
  • Walmart Gift Codes
  • Starbucks Gift Codes
  • Kmart/Sears Gift Codes
  • Chili’s/Maggiano’s Gift Codes

You can also donate to various charities.

Notice these are gift codes not gift cards; meaning you will be receiving a digital form of payment, such as an email that will have a code you can put in a shopping cart online at check out or you can print the email and bring it in to a store to redeem at check out.

You can probably reach your first cash out between 4-10 surveys depending on the points offered. I have cashed out at least $90 worth when I was very active on this site and back then I didn’t receive as many survey invitations as I do now. I always redeemed for Amazon, PayPal, Olive Garden/Red Lobster but they no longer have that as a restaurant option 🙁

How long it will take you to reach the cash-out threshold will depend on many factors such as:

  • how quickly you respond to your email invitations
  • how many emails you get a month
  • what reward you want
  • your demographics

People respond to surveys pretty quickly and if you take too long (like a few days) the survey will close and you will miss your opportunity.We're Closed Sign

However if you do respond to your survey invitations promptly you still will be limited by how many surveys you actually receive and that is determined by your demographics and what surveys they have that needs your input. Just keep your profile up to date and you will get the surveys.

One thing I like about this survey site over others is that it seems you are already qualified for the surveys they offer you and if you’re not (I can’t remember never qualifying) you still get the reward points they promised you in the email. E-Poll is great at not wasting your time. I never find that their surveys take too long either.

When you do redeem your points for rewards it can take about 6-8 weeks to arrive. That is extremely slow I know but all that can be said is that you eventually will get it. Looking back in my records it has always took about 4 weeks even.


Another good thing about E-Poll is that they allow people as young as 13 to join so teenagers have a way to make some money. A lot of survey sites exclude this demographic from signing up. E-Poll often has surveys wanting to know the opinions of children 6-12 and my kids love them. We both sit at the computer together and I help where they need to me too. My son is often standing over my shoulder while I’m looking through my email to see if “HE” has another survey to do. Their surveys are fun and painless and it’s awesome that my kids enjoy them too.


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One downside however is that only one member from a household can be signed up with E-Poll. So since I’m signed up when my kids turn 13 they can’t make their own account. If I was to cancel my account then still only one of my kids could sign up. That’s a small matter but still worth noting.

To keep  your account active you have to sign in and complete a survey at least once a year. I started working online and completely forgot about surveys and when I remembered I signed in to see my account was wiped of the remaining point balance I had. Luckily I had requested payment for a $30 Amazon Gift Code before I went MIA so what they deducted wasn’t a huge amount.


Another thing to note is that there is no referral program so you won’t get any incentives for referring your friends to join, but that is not a big thing. I still refer people regardless because I believe people need to have as many options as possible to make money online whether I’m compensated for it or not!

For my international readers I’m sorry but E-Poll only takes in members from the United States.

E-Poll is definitely worth signing up with. It makes a great addition to the different ways to pull in money online and there’s no need leaving money on the table.


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Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or if you sign up and need assistance.


6 Comments on “How to Get Paid for Taking Surveys with E-Poll”

  1. Thanks for the info, I just got done reading another survey site but they had a bad experience with it. They also mentioned the fact that if you do not read your emails quickly the opportunity can be lost.

    I tried a few survey sites myself, I’m not sure if E-poll was one of them. The name sounds familiar. I don’t know how they work, I also realize they take time to fill out. If you had luck making a few dollars, I’ll take your word for it!

    1. Hi I.c Carlos,

      Yes surveys are usually of a time sensitive nature because it’s research that a company is doing and they need the data in order to figure out how to better a way they do business, whether that’s marketing, products or any other aspect they are measuring. When people know they can get paid for surveys they rush to participate in it. Companies set out a budget for market research (surveys) so they are not just paying everyone that takes the survey; they have a preset number of respondents they will collect data from. Once they reach their target number of respondents the survey closes.

      E-Poll’s surveys are not very lengthy so do try them out because I believe they are worth having as an option. Thanks for stopping by, please come again 🙂

  2. Hey there! I’m interested of doing surveys to get paid. I think it is the perfect part time job for me. I don’t need to travel just to work. All I need is a computer or laptop and an internet to work. It’s my first time reading about e poll.And I think it’s a good survey site. But how does it compare to swagbucks? I really appreciate your response.

    1. Hi John!

      Surveys are a fun way to make money from home especially when you like sharing your opinions. Compared to Swagbucks, E-Poll is strictly a survey site and nothing else. Swagbucks has multiple ways you can earn money and I have cashed out with them as well. I will do a review of their site within the next week and I will post screenshots of payments. But what I did and what I suggest everyone to do is to sign up with multiple survey and search sites that are authentic. I used to belong to a survey site that I made a lot of money with and they no longer exist. It didn’t matter because I was a member of many survey sites so I was still able to make money. Please come back often to check out new reviews and opportunities for you to make money at home 🙂

  3. Hi Ieda, E-Poll sounds an interesting survey site, I have tried some of them before without much success. The problem was the lack of available surveys or the requirements.

    I look for ways to make some extra dollars or a part-time income if possible.

    If you are an active member, how many surveys can you answer per day or week?

    1. Hello Illias!

      I cannot speak for everyone because the surveys we get depend on our individual demographics, but for the month of October I personally got 8 surveys. This is a great survey site to use in conjunction with other ways to make money online. Hope that is helpful to you 🙂

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