How to Earn Money with Apps

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On this site I will be showing you how to earn money with apps.

Many of you are very familiar with apps and use them daily.

We spend a great deal of our time on our smartphones and tablets these days using apps for fun, information, organization, socializing, capturing moments etc.

I want you to add one more function to it:

Earning Money!


Money making apps seem to be something that’s not widely spread among social circles (hopefully we can change that here).

Our society teaches us to expect money from our jobs, parents, the tooth fairy, hitting the lotto, but not directly from our very own resources.

Your phone is with you 24/7 most likely and the tablet is trailing behind that next.


Wouldn’t you want them to make extra cash for you?


There are plenty of times during your day where you have free time that could be put towards making money.

  • On public transportation
  • In between classes
  • On bed rest
  • In a waiting room
  • While your kids are playing at the park
  • While pretending to listen someone

The point is we tend to throw away valuable time to entertainment which is paying someone else versus paying ourselves. And as much as we pay for these devices, it’s time to start turning them into assets.

But… to answer your question, you’re going to being using your spare time and maybe even borrow some of your entertainment time to download and use the money making apps I’ll be showing you here.

All you need is access to the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store and time and I’ll show you how to make some extra money.


In the comments below share times you think you can be making money versus another activity.



2 Comments on “How to Earn Money with Apps”

  1. This hit the Spot!

    Do you mind recommending some apps?

    I really am interested in making money with apps if I am going to be on my phone anyway.

    1. Hi Sean! I’m glad you liked the sound of this. I just published a new post about Shopkick which is an app that pays you to (as you may have guessed) shop! Thank you so much for your comment and make sure you come back often because I have so much more to share that will be of interest to you! Thanks again for stopping by 🙂

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