Earn Free Google Play Credits with Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

This article will be for my Android or soon to be Android owners because Google Opinion Rewards is only on the Android platform. This is an app that pays you in Google Play credits for answers you give to their extremely brief surveys. This is one of the least time-consuming survey companies you will find. Most of their surveys can be done under a minute and you usually always get at least $0.10 when you complete a survey even if you are not the demographic they are looking for. There are occasional surveys which offer no payment whatsoever but they are rare and usually help qualify you for more surveys.


Why I Like It

I don’t know if any of you can relate to this but I often play games on my phone that are free but offer you the option to pay for more lives or extra boosts or whatever they can upsell. I sometimes tell myself I want to purchase that extra thing they are offering, buuuttttt I can’t justify spending my REAL money on an app on my phone….. Well Enter Google Opinion Rewards. I get free money that I can use only in the Google Play Store. Now I can buy the upsells without guilt because I’m not using money from my bank account. I’ve been with this app since 2014!! I’ve accumulated so many rewards I had to actually download another app that offered upsells in the game so I could start spending more of these credits. Also, I use the credits occasionally in my Candy Crush app when I need to.


Google Opinion Rewards History
My personal Google Opinion Rewards history dating back to May 2014

Have you ever seen an app that you wanted but it wasn’t free? Even if it’s only $0.99 I still can’t bring myself to pay for it if it isn’t a real need. Some apps that I use to make money on my phone sometimes require another paid app to make the money earning more automatic, but I would forgo those purchases because I didn’t want to spend my own money. As soon as I got funds from Google Opinion Rewards, I bought all the apps I wanted to make earning money on my phone more effortless.

Don’t forget… I’m a mom of two school age kids. Although there are a lot of free apps out there for education, there were some really good ones that cost money and was going to benefit my children greatly with fun and education. Thanks to all my free Google Play credits I bought those apps. My daughter loved Super Why! Phonics Fair which is on sale for $0.99 at the time of this article (but was not on sale when I bought it). šŸ™

Also, my kids are big fans of Minecraft so I bought Minecraft: Pocket Edition and downloaded it on all of our devices. It’s on my phone too because I play with them occasionally. I love mining and building houses, they love hunting the mobs. One big happy family.



A Few Things to Note

If you haven’t gotten surveys for a while make sure the app is up to date. I don’t have my apps set to automatically update and sometimes I miss out on surveys because I wasn’t aware that a new version of the app has been released.

This app is now newly available in some International places: Singapore, India and Turkey.

There are really no downsides to this app. It doesn’t cost you anything, it doesn’t take up any amount of time, it gives you the money to buy things from the Google Play Store, etc. I talked about games and other apps I’ve bought, but you can also use the credits in the Google Bookstore and to rent some movies.

Please check this app out and if you love your friends and family with Android phones. Please tell them about this so they can stop spending their money when they don’t have to. Here’s what I have earned year to date and here’s what I have in my account balance right now.

Google Opinion Rewards Account Balance


If you like this free way to make money from your phone please be sure to look around my site and discover other great things you may not know about so you can begin to make money from the couch just like me!


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Any comments or questions? Please leave them in the box below šŸ™‚

12 Comments on “Earn Free Google Play Credits with Google Opinion Rewards”

  1. Hey Leda,
    Thanks for this informative article I’m not a fan of candy crush or any other games generally but my girlfriend loves to play them and like yourself always stops short of purchasing further lives/credits. Using the google opinion rewards sounds like an interesting option for her cheers.

    1. Hi Paul!
      You’re very welcome! I’m sure it will be very helpful for her because…..It’s free money lol. I wish you guys the best and make sure to come back for more easy ways to make Money From The Couch šŸ™‚

    1. You’re welcome Ted! Be sure to tell others that may not know about it as well. I had my mom put it on her phone and she’s been able to benefit. Talk to you soon šŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for the awesome post. I didn’t know there was such a thing. This will be great because I spend a lot of time on my phone…way to much. I’m always ordering stuff, so it would be great to not have to pay for it. Is this something my teenager can do as well?

    1. You’re welcome Kay!
      I just checked the app on my spare phone and when you sign up they ask what is your age and you can select the range your age falls in. The lowest age range they have is 18-24, however, they have a an option that says “other or prefer not to say” I selected that and an account was still made. So I think it works for teenagers! Thanks for commenting and hope to talk to you again soon šŸ™‚

  3. Hi Leda,

    I didn’t know Google Opinion Rewards. Thank you for this post. I don’t play games on the phone but I could buy music perhaps. I have to try this.

    1. Hi Taka!
      Yes this would be great for music too! I actually did purchase a song before and contemplated buying an album but it was already on YouTube so I saved my credits! I hope you enjoy it šŸ™‚

  4. This is really cool. I got a son and he’s always downloading games and all kinds of apps off of google play. I didn’t even know google had a program like this. You earn reward points for answering surveys, sign me up. Seeing all the credits you earned, my son would never give me phone back. Great article, definitely looking into this.

  5. Pretty cool idea and it seems like your making decent money on it compared to some other paid survey platforms. Probably good for google to payout in credits and keep it in their ecosystem. I think Iā€™m going to use this trick next time I want an in app purchase.

    1. Hi Simon,

      Yes this is still functioning well for me and it’s great I get to spend some money on apps without the guilt of using money I need for other things. It’s such a harmless and easy app. I get a notification each time a survey is available and I get the credits instantly. The surveys are usually less than 2 minutes so it’s so convenient. Let me know how it works out for you šŸ™‚

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