Creating Filters in Gmail

creating filters in gmail

Automating the Process


Now that we have some folders created we’re going to begin creating filters in Gmail. We’re not going to want to place each individual email in the folders manually. We want to create a process that will automatically sweep the emails into the corresponding folder. This is a process that will continually be built upon as you sign up for more and more programs. Obviously at this stage you don’t have all the folders you will have, but you will be creating more as you sign up for different types of programs and at those times you will be creating filters for those emails.


How to Set up Filters


Depending on your email account: In your inbox click on the email you want to set up a filter for.


new message in gmail inbox


Once you click into the email, you should have the option to click on a button that says “More”.


gmail email inbox


That will give you a drop down menu in which you should see some options and the one we’re looking for is to create filters. When you click on that, you should be presented with a form in a popup window with some boxes pre-populated with some information from the email you clicked on. Often the sender is pre-populated. You can add many types of things to help you further filter through your incoming messages. At some point you may need to filter based on subject of email or other attributes as you feel necessary. In this example I just used the pre-populated box and clicked on “Create filter with this search”.


creating filter in gmail


This brings up a window where we can set up how we want messages from this sender to be treated in the future. I have a folder/label for surveys that I created from the previous post in this series on creating folders. I am going to check the box for “apply the label” and click on the button to select Surveys. Also, we want to check the box for “Never send it to spam” and then click the button that says “Create Filter”.


options to select for gmail filter


I sent an email with the subject “Survey test” from the same sender to this Gmail address to see how it would be treated.


created gmail filter


As you can see here it was delivered to Surveys and to Inbox. If you want it to just be delivered to Surveys, you want to make sure you check the box that says “Skip the Inbox”. The button here says update filter because I edited the original filter, but if you’re doing this from scratch it will just say “Create Filter”


creating gmail filter


To test this out I sent another email to see how it would be treated. Here I see there is no new email in my inbox but I see a new email in the surveys folder.


skip inbox gmail filter

When I click on the Surveys label I see the unread new email I sent and the old emails I sent earlier. Notice how the old emails have the inbox labels and the new one doesn’t? That’s because it skipped the inbox and went straight into this folder.


completed gmail filter


That’s pretty much it on how to set up filters in Gmail.




Moving Emails into Corresponding Folders


After you create your filters, your existing emails will probably not be moved into their corresponding folder. To move them simply click on the individual emails if there’s only a few and manually move them into the folder/label. If there are many emails, do a search in your email box to isolate only that one type of email. Once only the emails you want to move are in view, check on the check box to select all and do a bulk move into the designated folder/label.


Attaching Alerts to the Filters


Now that you understand the process of sorting your emails into corresponding folders you might want to also set up alerts. This is a way to keep you efficient and knocking out all the offers you get in a timely fashion without being glued to the computer or phone. You can be doing what you like until you get a notification that you have an opportunity to make money!

I myself have AIM/AOL (I know that’s pretty ancient lol) as an email and that alerts me through text message when a certain type of email reaches my designated folder, but most of you might have Gmail so I have looked into how their alert system works.
You have a few options with alerts from Gmail but it doesn’t look like they contact you through text. Instead, they will do it through the embedded notification system in your computer, tablet and phone. To set up notifications on your Android:

gmail notifications for android

To set up notifications on your computer:

desktop notifications for gmail

To set up notifications on your iPad/iPhone:


Gmail notifications for iPad and iPhone

You have to be using the Gmail app on your phones for this to work on your phone by the way.





Alright everyone that should be all we need here to cover keeping our inboxes and opportunities organized. Although we covered creating filters in Gmail here, this process will be similar for other emails companies. From here you can play with different variations that suit your needs best. These are just examples but it’s very important to implement some structure initially, because you will be getting many emails as you sign up with various programs. I have a lot in store to introduce you to and now you have the tools to keep your inbox efficient and working the best for you.


Any questions or comments? Please meet me in the comments below 🙂

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