Create a New Email Address

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So before you begin really diving into this website, you might want to set up some organization ahead of time. Things tend to get messy especially when you’re having fun.

What I recommend is creating a new email address that will be used strictly for signing up for any opportunity that interests you. This will keep everything centrally located so you don’t have to go fishing through your other emails.

This also keeps spam out of your original email address (if you’re not getting any spam already)

You can use an existing email if you choose; you’ll just  want to set up filters.

Personally I think it’s better to start from scratch and build organization from the beginning.

Conquer the Chaos Before it Begins!!

If you’re making a new email address, be sure to name it something that makes sense to you or at least something you can remember easily…….and if not that at least write it down somewhere….preferably where you won’t lose it.

Pick an email provider that has an app or basically choose some kind of way you can notify yourself on your phone when you receive an email. I don’t think you want to be glued to your computer or phone refreshing your inbox every 30 minutes. So this will allow you some freedom to still enjoy your free time.

Once you get your new email address you can start browsing this site and applying for the different opportunities that interest you. I’ll help you organize this email address in future posts.