About Me


Most of my friends call me Leda. I’m a work from home connoisseur and Money From The Couch is my way of sharing with you some of the easiest and simplest ways I know to generate extra money.

I haven’t had an employer since May 2008 and I’ve been on an interesting journey to discover different ways to make money on my own. I’ve been lucky enough to avoid being scammed and always trusted my instincts when getting involved with various opportunities. Through this journey I had a very prevailing thought and it was :


This mentality kept me from giving up on things that didn’t seem quickly lucrative at first glance. Despite the criticism and concerns I received from family and friends, I knew in my heart it would amount to something because I understood how accumulation works. I thought of how people often have change jars or become happy when they find money in the couch or in the laundry, except that money was usually theirs to begin with. There was no actual profit. I seen in contrast that the money I was coming across wasn’t mines initially but something I’ve earned and would add up to more than I had at the moment I started.

I then began to see that the more I did of multiple things, the faster the money would add up and the safety I had if any of the companies ever dissolved because I’d still be earning from other active companies.

On this site I will focus on things you can do that will bring in money without much effort. This in no way will make you rich but it will add some helpful amounts of money here and there.

I love a high amount of leisure in my life. Some would call that lazy, but honestly it inspires me to get money in smarter and easier ways.

Money doesn’t always have to come from self exhaustion!

I have two children that I raise and a lot of my brain energy is focused on them, so anything I can do to earn extra money that doesn’t require much thought or time is golden!

I hope my journey is of some help to you on yours 🙂